Physician Burnout Prevention® Program

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The Physician Burnout Prevention® Program is the only proven end-to-end strategy for healthcare organizations to address burnout.

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Proven to reduce burnout!

52% of clinicians immediately reduced burnout

  • Instantly Effective and Impactful

86% used these strategies at work or home

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89% of AAFP rated the content as Excellent

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Program Components

The Burnout Prevention Enrichment Center®

The Burnout Prevention Enrichment Center® library for physicians is built upon Dr. Dike Drummond’s burnout training curriculum and includes over 175 short 5 minute “micro-learning” videos and audios, and provides CME credits for physicians. Content includes separate series about Surviving Adverse Outcomes or Malpractice; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Money, Stress and You, Meditation and Guided Imagery; and a collection of relevant Physicians on Purpose podcasts. By making practical changes and adding proven tools, the series culminates in development of a Personal Burnout Prevention Strategy.

The Assessment

The Assessment tool helps the organization identify the physician’s top stressors that are a result of the work processes or environment. Physicians openly express their top three day-to-day stressors in a way that closed-ended questions fail to capture. The survey is 100% confidential and only 4 questions, including the universal measurement of burnout. The results are unique to each organization, leveraging filterable demographics such as Location, Specialty/Unit and License type. Measuring engagement is not a substitute for measuring burnout.

The Dashboard

The web-based dashboard provides depth of data regarding the levels of burnout for age group, gender, location, specialty/unit, license type and years in the profession. An AI powered analysis groups top stressors by 18 categories (e.g. Teamwork, Patient Load, Documentation, Leadership, Staffing). These comments are then able to be analyzed by the multiple filters and by total or the individual stress category. Each of the top categories are then able to be subcategorized, identifying the largest specific contributors of stress. Summarizing the findings in this way facilitates a clear understanding of large free-text data sets.

Organizational Insights

“Listening” is the foundation of targeting meaningful initiatives. It is estimated the modern workplace environment is likely causing up to 80% of healthcare burnout. SE Healthcare helps identify these specific previously hidden opportunities. A Summary of Findings report is reviewed within an Executive Review Session. Properly addressing and lowering or preventing burnout in your clinicians directly impacts your retention of staff, helping make you both the employer of choice and provider of choice for your patients.

Summary of Key Findings Report

Reducing and preventing burnout directly increases retention

*KLAS 2021 Study

KLAS research chart displaying the likelyhood of leaving an organization by level of self reported burnout

The imperative for healthcare leaders is to create a workplace culture that values the health of their physicians as much as they value the health of their patients. Our Physician Burnout Prevention® Program provides both organizations and physicians tools, skills and insights to develop an enterprise-wide strategy for physician well-being.

circle graph showing 94%

Percentage of physicians who have felt burned out from practicing medicine during their career.
Medical Economics. Physician Burnout Survey Results (2021)

circle graph showing 80%

Percentage of physicians who currently feel burned out from practicing medicine.
Medical Economics. Physician Burnout Survey Results (2021)

circle graph showing 78%

Percentage of physicians who do not plan on seeking professional help to deal with burnout.
Medical Economics. Physician Burnout Survey Results (2021)

circle graph showing 78%

Percentage of physicians who agree that being burned out has made them want to quit medicine.
Medical Economics. Physician Burnout Survey Results (2021)


"I feel we all would benefit from this program."

"Promotes positivity, motivation and engagement."

"Great points...ones that we don't always pay attention to."

"Useful tools to help with work life balance."

"The Burnout Prevention program is an outstanding resource. I recommended to my professional network."

"The adjunct articles and materials are very helpful. I plan to incorporate burn-out education into my courses."

"Very easy to sit down during a break and watch. Or at the end of a busy day... Loved the concept."

"Bite sized videos are perfect for busy physicians and I'm gaining a lot of tools to help with teamwork!"


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