Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding our solutions with answers provided.
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The Physician Empowerment Suite® Platform

What is The Physician Empowerment Suite® Platform?

The Physician Empowerment Suite® Platform is a set of specialty-specific data analytics platforms created to enhance operational performance for healthcare providers. It was designed to effectively mitigate risk, enhance reputation, and provide direction to help negotiate higher reimbursement from payers. It is comprised of the Patient Experience Platform, the Clinical Effectiveness Platform, The Reimbursement Effectiveness® Platform, and the Physician Burnout Prevention® Program.

How was The Physician Empowerment Suite® Platform developed?

The platforms and tools available within The Physician Empowerment Suite® Platform were developed under the direction of respected physicians, legal experts, and risk management thought leaders.

Can the platforms be purchased individually?

The Patient Experience, Clinical Effectiveness and Physician Burnout Prevention® Program can all be purchased individually. The Reimbursement Effectiveness® Platform can only be purchased with the entire Physician Empowerment Suite® Platform as critical data is pulled from both the Patient Experience and Clinical Effectiveness Platforms. Please contact us at for additional information and we’ll be happy to provide you with the solutions your organization needs.

What is the cost for each platform?

The cost for each platform varies depending on how many providers your practice has. Please contact us at for pricing specific to your organization.

Where is the data stored?

The data is stored in an encrypted database with a leading cloud provider in compliance with the latest HIPAA requirements.

Are we locked into an annual contract when we purchase any of the platforms?

No, our agreements are offered on a monthly basis. We want our clients to have freedom of choice when making a purchase.

Patient Experience Platform

What is the Patient Experience Platform?

The Patient Experience Platform is a specialty-specific survey tool designed to give providers real-time feedback about their patients’ opinions and experiences. The easy-to-navigate platform allows providers to dig deep into the data collected and identify opportunities for improvement. The platform also allows you to compare physicians and locations, benchmark against other practices nationally, receive monthly report cards, review written comments where patients elaborate on their experience, and prioritize improvement initiatives.

How long does it take a practice to get started with the platform?

We can have you on the platform and ready to go within a weeks’ time.

How long does it take patients to complete the survey?

It takes patients roughly 3-5 minutes to complete the survey.

What is the average response rate?

Response rates vary between practices, ranging from 25% – 45%. A number of factors impact response rates, but the most important action that a practice can take is to ensure that patients are made aware of the survey and request they complete it to help improve their care. Further, if the practice provides an example of how they’ve used patient feedback to make positive changes (such as adding free Wi-Fi in the waiting room), patients will feel their feedback matters and will be more likely to complete the survey. To help practices improve response rates, SE Healthcare provides a survey reminder poster to display in the office or include in patients’ visit summary paperwork.

Are partially completed patient surveys accepted?

No, the system only accepts fully completed surveys from patients in order to display the most accurate data.

Are the surveys specialty-specific?

Yes, the surveys are specialty-specific. Follow this link for a complete listing.

Are the surveys mobile-friendly?

They certainly are! The survey can be completed on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

What are the benefits of distributing patient surveys through email?

Research shows that email surveys have higher response rates than mail or phone surveys. It also ensures patient privacy and confidentiality when distributing and capturing data.

How does SE Healthcare ensure patient privacy and confidentiality?

The upload of the data is secure through our dashboard and is in compliance with HIPAA requirements. Additionally, we further protect the data by incorporating a secure VPN and password protected servers.

Is the survey reliability tested?

Yes. In partnership with the University of South Carolina Department of Statistics, our proprietary survey instrument was reliability tested. Reliability assesses the likelihood that a group of items measure the same construct, and it is commonly measured with Cronbach’s alpha. Cronbach’s alpha ranges from 0 to 1, with values at or above 0.7 typically indicating acceptable reliability. Cronbach’s alpha for the ordinal patient experience metrics was 0.96.

Can your Patient Experience surveys be used for MIPS requirements?

Yes, our patient experience survey counts as an Improvement Activity in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). As a bonus, if you are in a practice with fewer than 15 MIPS-eligible clinicians, you are required to report only two (2) activities in the Improvement Activities performance category, including use of our patient experience survey to either improve access to care or beneficiary engagement.

What is the 5-Star Rating Reputation Tool?

The 5-Star Rating Reputation Tool is a set of icons which can be embedded on your website. It presents an average star rating from 1 (lowest rating) to 5 (highest rating) for each of your providers by analyzing patient experience reviews from verified patients as a result of surveys sent exclusively and confidentially to them.

How are the ratings generated?

The ratings are based on each individual provider’s average score for “rating of provider” on the patient experience survey. Our system generates the code that can be embedded in your website to display the Five-Star rating icons.

How often are the ratings updated?

The ratings are updated monthly and displays the total number of responses that have generated each providers score.

Where are the rating icons displayed?

The Five-Star rating icon can be displayed anywhere of your choice on your website. Typically, it is displayed on each providers bio page.

What sets these reviews apart from other provider rating systems?

Rating systems on other sites can often be skewed by false reviews. Sometimes people leave reviews for doctor’s who haven’t even treated them. SE’s Five-Star tool eliminates skewed data and provides current and future patients with accurate information about your providers and the quality of service they offer.

Clinical Effectiveness Platform

What is the Clinical Effectiveness Platform?

The Clinical Effectiveness Platform is a specialty-specific survey tool that helps you assess your providers’ performance and uncover underlying risks that may be keeping you from improving operations, enhancing your practice, building stronger relationships with your patients, and ultimately increasing revenue.

How are the survey questions determined?

Through a periodic review of the medical literature and safety literature, best practices are identified and vetted through specialty experts. All content is drafted using any of the following criteria: (1) Evidence-based medicine or practice; (2) Endorsed by a reputable professional organization; (3) Generally recognized as an industry best practice. All content is vetted on an annual basis by subject matter experts. Subject matter experts are actively practicing physicians or clinicians who independently verify content is based on evidence and is accepted within the specialty of medicine.

Why is it important to survey our physicians?

It provides insight into ways healthcare providers, administrators, and practices can improve the quality of care they provide to patients and their families. Clinical Effectiveness Assessment questions are comprised of clinical best practices that, if adopted, reduce complications, shorten length of stay, improve communications with patients, reduce cost for payers, and reduce malpractice risk.

Are the surveys specialty-specific?

Yes, the surveys are specialty-specific. Follow this link for a complete listing.

Can completion of the Clinical Effectiveness surveys be used for CME credit?

Through a joint providership with the Medical University of South Carolina, SE Healthcare is providing AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for completion of assessments taken through our Clinical Effectiveness Platform. After completing the Clinical Effectiveness Assessment and passing a post-test, providers are awarded 0.5 CME credits.

How often is the Clinical Effectiveness Survey administered?

The survey is administered annually or bi-annually depending on your preference.

What are the Performance Improvement Tools?

The Performance Improvement Tools are an extensive library of resources that come with the Clinical Effectiveness Platform. Low component scores in the Clinical Effectiveness Platform will set in motion a self-directed course of learning designed to help your team optimize performance, which could lead to the following benefits: Enhanced operational efficiency; Improved patient safety and satisfaction; Reduced risk; Optimized reimbursement from payor negotiations; Enhanced reputation.

The Reimbursement Effectiveness® Platform

What is The Reimbursement Effectiveness® Platform?

The Reimbursement Effectiveness® Platform tool leverages Patient Experience and Clinical Effectiveness data, contained in The Physician Empowerment Suite® Platform, to develop a “value story” for a practice. It also develops an analysis of payment levels for a practice’s top commercial payers. With this powerful, insightful, and actionable information, a practice becomes well positioned to drive performance within its practice and engage payers for enhanced fee-for-service and fee-for-value reimbursements.

How does it work?

With only three simple steps, the SE Healthcare team makes it easy for you to implement The Reimbursement Effectiveness® Platform into your everyday operations and optimize payments. (1) Your team pulls data together in a file format that we provide. (2) The system guides your team step-by-step through the process of uploading the file and entering summary information. (3) A Percentage of Medicare report and a Volumes report are generated, allowing your practice to see where payer negotiations can be most effective.

What are the benefits of using The Reimbursement Effectiveness® Platform?

It can reveal opportunities for improving your fee schedule rates with payers that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. It will also help you to understand your practice’s value and leverage, both of which are extremely important when engaging a payer for rate increases. Finally, it will help you to understand a proven, data driven process that produces results.

What is the setup process like?

After purchasing a license to The Reimbursement Effectiveness® Platform, SE will create an account for you. You will then be sent an email with a link to access the platform. It’s that simple!

Can I use the Patient Experience & Clinical Effectiveness Platforms and add The Reimbursement Effectiveness® Platform later?

Yes, of course. Please contact SE Healthcare at to purchase a license for The Reimbursement Effectiveness® Platform whenever you’re ready.

What is the average increase in reimbursement after using the platform?

This varies from payer to payer and from practice to practice based on circumstances of rates, competition, leverage, value, etc.

Physician Burnout Prevention® Program

What is the Physician Burnout Prevention® Program?

The Physician Burnout Prevention® Program is a survey tool for healthcare providers designed to measure the most important predictors and consequences of burnout in order to more effectively manage the issue.

Who is this survey intended for?

All healthcare organizations large and small!

How is the survey administered?

Prior to the survey launch, leadership announces the survey to all participants. An email invitation is then sent to all participants to complete the survey. Generally, the survey is open for 3 weeks with weekly reminders sent to participants and completion rates provided to leadership. The survey can be taken on cell phones, tablets, and computers.

What does the survey measure?

This survey tool has been designed to measure not only burnout, but also the most important predictors and consequences of burnout so that leadership can make actionable decisions. The goal of using the survey is to identify the scale of physician burnout across the organization to enable leadership to begin a process of assisting physicians to better health.

How long does it take physicians to complete the survey?

It typically takes physicians about 6-7 minutes to complete the survey.

What is required of an organization to use this tool?

(1) The location(s) you’d like to internally compare; (2) Email addresses for participants; (3) Internal championship – messaging from leadership

How often should we use platform to assess our physicians’ health?

We recommend a five-stage process: (1) Administer the survey; (2) Learn the results; (3) We’ll help you plans for improvements; (4) Execute improvements; (5) Resurvey

What is the average completion rate for this type of survey?

Nationwide, about 35% of physicians complete surveys. With robust championship, some organizations achieve 85% completion rates. We like to aim for at least a 55% completion rate.

Is the survey only for physicians?

Though geared to providers and ancillary health professionals, all individuals in an organization can complete the survey. The tool includes an item that identifies the individual’s role within the organization allowing the results to be filtered by clinicians (including type) or non-clinicians.

Is the survey confidential?

Yes, per industry standards, the survey is anonymous.