Case Studies

Case Studies

Our success lies within the success of our clients. We provide the tools to empower you in making the healthcare industry safe, creating an improved patient experience, and generating financial health. Click on the case studies below see how we’re helping healthcare professionals like you.

Independent GI group gains $300,000 increase in additional revenue from fee-for-service revenue within first month

An independent GI group with 20 physicians had a relative lock on the local GI marketplace. The practice had stopped measuring performance because the competition was limited which caused them to slip into a comfort zone, not realizing they were missing out on potential additional revenue.

The practice’s fee-for-service contracts had not been updated in seven years. As a result, revenue was stagnant, and the practice was missing out on significant revenue enhancement opportunities.

Independent Specialty Practice Updates Out-of-Date Payer Contracts to Earn Increased Reimbursements

An independent specialty group with 16 physicians had not updated payer contracts for several years due to persisting fear from past scrutiny. The specialty group provided new services which required new payer contracts and forced the practice to renew existing payer contracts.

The practice utilized professional help from SE Healthcare, and its partner Reimbursement Pathways.

User Satisfaction of The SE Healthcare Physician Empowerment Suite® Platform - Insightful Client Feedback

Our client service team recently solicited anonymous feedback from our clients about their use of The Physician Empowerment Suite® Platform. Our clients provided details regarding changes that they’ve made to their practice based on the use of the tools within the platform.

The Physician Empowerment Suite® Platform empowers healthcare providers through critical data analytics and measurements.

Small, Independent Hematology and Oncology Practice Improves Operations and Reimbursements to Remain Independent

A small, three-physician hematology and oncology practice faced being absorbed by a health system or closing their practice. The practice was failing to keep up with changes in the healthcare industry. Negligence and mismanaged contracts were causing operations to suffer and allowing for missed opportunities for revenue growth.

To remain independent and improve practice operations, the practice wanted — and needed — a significant increase in reimbursements.

Independent Midwest Practice Earned Increased Reimbursement Following Consultation with SE Healthcare

An independent Colon and Rectal surgery center with over twenty providers sought increased reimbursement from its commercial payers in order to remain competitive and retain physicians. The surgery center’s practice manager had over 25 years of experience negotiating payment terms.

Despite the practice manager’s experience, the practice could not secure the payment levels that they believed they deserved.

Surgery Center Utilizes The Physician Empowerment™ Suite to Improve Practice Operations

A surgical group struggled with poor online reputation. Referrals from previous patients accounted for greater than 50% of the practice’s business, so online reputation and word-of-mouth were key to its growth. A less than stellar online reputation raised concern from the practice manager.

The practice was likely missing out on numerous opportunities for referrals and patient satisfaction was at an all-time low.

Orthopedic and Spine Practice Achieves Greater Than 50% Increase in Reimbursement

18-provider, independent orthopedic and spine practice was facing significant competition from a more dominant, local orthopedic group. The group dabbled in CMS bundle payments but saw no true ROI from their efforts. Financially, the group was stagnant and was not measuring clinical safety or patient experience.

Thus, they had no legitimate way to prove the value of the services provided by their physicians