Bryan Whittington

Bryan Whittington

Chief Commercial Officer

Bryan Whittington is a seasoned sales leader with almost three decades of experience. He is currently the Chief Commercial Officer at SE Healthcare. Before this role, he was the Director of Sales – New Customer Acquisition at Sopheon, and earlier, he founded and led ebsGrowth, a sales recruiting and consulting company, and hosted the Talent, Sales & Scale podcast.

Bryan has a knack for helping fast-growth technology companies design and implement effective sales strategies, transforming startups into publicly traded companies like Wabtec and Thermo Fisher Scientific. His background includes roles as a Sandler sales trainer, EOS implementer, and HubSpot partner.

A retired captain and decorated U.S. Air Force pilot, Bryan flew missions in both Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. He graduated cum laude from Robert Morris University and lives in the north of Pittsburgh, PA, with his wife, six children, and their dog Jasper.

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