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SE Healthcare and Dock Health Partner to Optimize Medical Practices and Reduce Physician Burnout

Strategic launch empowers healthcare providers’ in every specialty and clinical setting to reduce administrative inefficiencies, dropped balls, and miscommunication as well as to address the top issues facing healthcare professionals and organizations.

Contact: Doug Shand
Business Address: 151 Meeting Street, Suite 350
Charleston, SC
Date: May 6, 2021

Charleston, SCSE Healthcare is excited to announce a new collaboration with Dock Health Inc., The team at SE focuses on bringing high-powered, trusted solutions to its clients to impact burnout and improve operations for healthcare organizations. The partnership brings Dock Health’s industry-pioneering task-management platform to small- and mid-sized healthcare organizations across the country. Coupled with SE Healthcare’s Physician Burnout Prevention Program, the two companies provide effective solutions to help practices and hospitals address some of healthcare’s most challenging issues.

SE HealthCare’s Burnout Prevention Program is a comprehensive virtual platform addressing both the organizational issues and individual physician and nurse issues. The program identifies the specific organizational contributors to burnout through direct communication with the clinicians to effectively help address the issues and provides them with immediate 24/7 video coaching and guidance to build their individual strategies for avoiding burnout. The program is built on the Six Sigma framework of continuous improvement, it is iterative: measure, analyze, improve, control, re-measure.

“We are always excited whenever we have an opportunity to collaborate with a forward-thinking organization like Dock Health,” said Doug Shand, CEO at SE Healthcare. “We consistently seek out partners who offer solutions to help create efficiencies, improve workflows and boost operations, leading to the greater ability to address critical issues like burnout”

Founded by and for physicians, Dock Health’s HIPAA-compliant task management platform connects every member of the care team — both within and outside the organization — to capture every administrative to-do and related status required in clinical care and practice management. Serving as the administrative complement to the EHR’s clinical platform, Dock optimizes workflow and mitigates risk from dropped balls, improves revenue and development opportunities, and ultimately, reduces care-team burnout that impacts patient care.

Dock Health is the only HIPAA-compliant task management platform built exclusively for healthcare. From custom workflow options to a template library for specialties, Dock’s existing platform allows for efficient use by any-sized team in every clinical setting. SE Healthcare customers get started quickly with single sign-on and launching a patient’s to-do list.

“As a practicing physician, I personally felt the administrative burden and witnessed the impact it had on my team, my organization, my satisfaction as a provider, and of course, what our patients and caregivers experience,” said Michael Docktor, M.D., co-founder and CEO of Dock Health and practicing gastroenterologist at Boston Children’s Hospital.  “With providers spending anywhere from 15 to 50 percent of every workday on administrative tasks, our team observed an industry-wide explosion of administrative work without a home to track it or a means to collaborate. The Dock task-management platform was born out of an immediate need and adapted to meet the administrative workflows of any provider, any specialty, any clinical setting, and with the goal of capturing the work of every member of the care team.”

Providers can see immediate results within the first day of use — regaining upwards of 30 percent of their time each week from inefficient administrative practices. Additionally, Dock Health users experience:

  • Enhanced team collaboration with shared tools that drive improved organizational outcomes
  • Reduced dropped balls and HIPAA-compliance oversights, which mitigates risk of fines
  • Heightened job satisfaction and can lessen burnout with efficient processes that reduce the individual weight of administrative burden

The collaboration between Dock Health and SE Healthcare expands the reach of both company’s products, offering solutions to strengthen practices across the US.

About Dock Health

Dock Health is a secure collaboration platform for getting the tasks of healthcare done as a team.  We were founded on two primary constructs: 1) Everything in healthcare is a task, and 2) Everyone is a provider.  These constructs paved the foundation for the Dock Health ecosystem, making communication and collaboration within healthcare frictionless, accurate, compliant and complete. Borrowing from the best of consumer technology and deeply steeped in the pain points of clinical medicine, Dock Health is on a mission to solve the workflow challenges and inefficiencies for clinicians and their teams. Based in N.J. with a national cadre of passionate experts, Dock’s mission is to share a better way “To Do healthcare” and continue to bring joy to patients and their medical team through great products. For more information, please visit

About SE Healthcare

SE Healthcare’s Physician Burnout Prevention Program provides healthcare organizations with a comprehensive, enterprise-level strategy for addressing and preventing burnout. The SE Healthcare team is continuously focused on developing new product offerings and enhancing existing solutions to empower healthcare providers through robust data analytics and actionable resources.

To learn more about SE Healthcare, visit

Contact: Doug Shand
Phone: 717.556.1050

For Dock Health
Contact: Jen Asbury
Phone: 303-241-3126



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