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SE Healthcare and KangarooHealth Kickoff Collaboration to Expand Support to Healthcare Providers

Relationship expands healthcare providers’ access to tools to help identify early symptoms, boost care efficiency, reduce physician burnout, and enhance the patient experience.

Contact: Doug Shand
Business Address: 151 Meeting Street, Suite 350
Charleston, SC
Phone: 717.556.1050
Date: January 12, 2021

For KangarooHealth Inc.
Contact: Oriana Jackson
Business Address: 2627 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA
Date: January 12, 2021

Charleston, SCSE Healthcare is excited to announce a new collaboration with KangarooHealth Inc., a healthcare technology provider of an AI-assisted virtual care monitoring and coaching platform. The relationship will expand the reach of both organization’s tools and resources designed to help healthcare providers and organizations gain actionable insights on patients’ early symptoms, boost care efficiency, reduce readmission, and eliminate the negative impact of burnout, as well as driving down costs.

SE Healthcare’s subscription-based software-as-a service platforms and programs, which include The Physician Burnout Prevention Program, the Patient Experience Platform, the Clinical Safety Platform and the Reimbursement Effectiveness Platform, empower healthcare providers to address critical issues and grow their practice.

Founded by clinicians and scientists from the Johns Hopkins Medicine and Berkeley, KangarooHealth’s virtual care monitoring platform is a reimbursable program covered by CMS and a number of commercial payors. KangarooHealth uses its smart remote monitoring platform to empower providers to detect patients’ early symptoms between visits, predict patient outcomes, and increase patient retention through care automation.

“We are always excited whenever we have an opportunity to collaborate with a forward-thinking organization like KangarooHealth,” said Doug Shand, CEO at SE Healthcare. “Bringing together powerful consulting and technological resources brings such a positive impact to the healthcare community, and we’re proud to continue to be a part of creating change to improve work and address critical issues for healthcare providers and organizations.”

“We are excited about our collaboration with SE Healthcare as both teams are passionate about improving care efficiency and boosting care experience through innovative platforms and programs,” said Dr. Xiaoxu Kang, CEO at KangarooHealth. “Through AI-powered healthcare technology platforms, we automate routine check-in, identify early symptoms, and reduce repetitive workload for care teams, thus help reduce physicians’ burnouts. Joining hands with innovative organizations like SE Health enables us to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to help both physicians and patients.”

About KangarooHealth

KangarooHealth is focused on converting healthcare from transactional to continuous. KangarooHealth provides an artificial intelligence powered virtual care monitoring platform covering both multiple chronic conditions and acute care interventions, enabling provider care teams to gain actionable health insights into each at-risk patient between visits. KangarooHealth’s platform is used to support remote patient monitoring, Hospital at Home programs, and Medicare Direct Contracting programs as well as other value-based care programs. KangarooHealth qualifies providers for new reimbursements for remote patient monitoring from CMS and commercial payors. KangarooHealth combines intelligent software, smart biometric sensors, and on-demand care teams to empower healthcare providers to extend their care into patients’ homes seamlessly while keeping their workflows. Their intelligent data-driven platforms help providers and healthcare systems augment clinical decision processes, predict patient outcomes, boost care efficiency, prevent readmissions, and generate a new revenue.

Learn more at or contact for live demos.

About SE Healthcare

The SE Healthcare team is continuously focused on developing new product offerings and enhancing existing solutions to empower healthcare providers through robust data analytics and actionable resources. SE Healthcare’s Physician Burnout Prevention Program provides healthcare organizations with a comprehensive, enterprise-level strategy for addressing and preventing burnout.

To learn more about SE Healthcare, visit


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