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[Infographic] Physician Burnout: Critical Stats Impacting the Healthcare Industry (And How to Create Positive Change)

Physician burnout is arguably the most pressing concern in healthcare today and impacts entire organizations. Between 40-60% (depending upon specialty) of practicing physicians experience burnout.

Burnout leads to critical issues such as higher rates of medical errors, increases in physician turnover, declines in physician and organizational well-being and other negative effects on both the individual and organizational levels.

This infographic sheds light on the impact burnout has on the healthcare industry and presents ways that healthcare organizations can create positive change.

Physician Burnout Statistics Infographic
SE Healthcare’s Physician Burnout Prevention Program is helping healthcare organizations take action to address and prevent burnout. To learn how you can implement the program and answer the call-to-action, email or call (843) 414-5090.

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